How Bradley Whitford Became One Of Our Favorite On-Screen Dickheads

Before we had the chance to observe and “know” the human side of actors via social media (or at least the version of themselves that they decided to free to the masses) we only knew them as the characters that they played on television and in movies. I assume that that was exquisite for some, but for others, constantly playing “the dickhead” had to take its toll.

Bradley Whitford, who you most likely remember from his role as Josh Lyman on The West Wing, is an actor who made his living.playing dickheads in the ’80s and ’90s. So synonymous was Whitford (who is probably a very nice guy) with dickhead roles that, according to a profile that his brother David wrote about him for Esquire back in 2001, even a homeless person recognized him as “that” guy.

One night when my brother was in New York, a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk at Eighty-eighth and Columbus said to him, “I know you. You play the *sshole in movies.” Brad gave him a buck anyway, then went straight home and called his agent. “You have to do something,” he pleaded. “People without VCRs–people without heating–are typecasting me!”

Whitford’s appeal worked, and he was eventually able to do the near-impossible and breakaway from the public’s perception of him, thanks to the high caliber material of The West Wing and his talent as an actor.

Despite that glorious pivot, we still remember when on-screen Bradley Whitford seemed like a real dick. Let’s revisit some of the highlights:

Adventures in Babysitting

In Adventures in Babysitting, Whitford plays Mike, a potential dreamboat who rejects a night out on the town with Chris (Elisabeth Shue) to supposedly care for his sick little sister before being found out as a cheating dickhead who uses and re-uses cheesy come-on lines. He also drives a Camaro with a “So Cool” vanity plate.

Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise

Whitford gets a fair amount of screentime in this sequel, serving as the dim Alpha Beta leader who is hellbent on driving the nerds into the sea by any means necessary. His biggest dickhead move? Framing the Tri-Lambs for car theft after toying with their emotions.