Breaking Bad Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Friendship In ‘El Camino’

Breaking Bad fans waited a long time to see what exactly happened to Jesse Pinkman after he drove an El Camino away from the compound where Nazis imprisoned him in the final episode of the AMC drama. The release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story on Netflix Friday morning kept some up in the wee hours — especially on the east coast.

But what they got was the return of a slew of characters from the show, (spoilers incoming) even if they were in the form of flashbacks like Walter White and Jesse’s ex Jane. Two of the most loveable characters to get major screen time were Badger and Skinny Pete, two of Jesse’s closest friends who apparently still live together.

And in a movie that went into some pretty brutal details about Jesse’s detainment in a cage to cook lab-grade crystal meth, viewers were instantly charmed by the great lengths Badger and Skinny Pete went to help Jessie when he came to them after he escaped. While Jesse’s experiences with the deranged Todd were traumatic and heartbreaking for both Jesse and viewers, Badger and Skinny Pete immediately came to Jesse’s aid and conspired to help the fugitave get some food, sleep, take a shower and plan his next move. And when it came time to plan that move, it was Pete who decided he would help out by taking the heat.

Compared to the scenes with Todd, Pete and Badger were inspiring some people to proclaim them #friendshipgoals.

As fans watched on Friday, the biggest takeaway was how lucky Jesse was to have friends like Skinny Pete and Badger.

It made a few people downright jealous.

The true sign of friendship is when someone gives you their favorite hat to help you evade capture in a nationwide manhunt.

It was a touching moment in a movie that had a lot of tough scenes.

Some even think a Skinny Pete/Badger buddy spinoff should be in the works next.

After all, we should find out what happened in Mexico, right? And as a lot of people pointed out, the first teaser trailer where Skinny Pete refuses to snitch on Jesse wasn’t actually in El Camino, and almost certainly happened after he was detained for swapping his car for the titular stolen escape vehicle. So maybe there’s more of this story to tell just yet.