In The Wake Of Brexit, Christoph Waltz Calls Nigel Farage The ‘Head Rat’ Fleeing The Sinking Ship

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Brexit continues apace, with the Leave ringleaders resigning from their posts, instead of sticking around to lead their country to the other side. Social media users erupted at former London mayor Boris Johnson for dropping out of the race for prime minister after the vote, while a bunch of celebrities went after Nigel Farage, the “Euroskeptic” politician who decided on Monday to resign from the U.K. Independence Party leadership, after being the other chief instigator of the Leave vote.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the latest celebrity to weigh in on Farage’s own exit is Christoph Waltz, who summed up the situation quite succinctly by saying, “Of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship.” Presumably, this sinking ship includes economic catastrophe, like job losses and a weakened pound, so it would follow that Farage wouldn’t want to stick around, realizing how much of a curse it was that he actually got what he wanted.

Waltz elaborates, using the “sinking ship” phrase once again:

“It’s inevitable, they try to dress it up as a heroic exit…no, it’s conceding defeat, it’s putting the tail between their legs and, as rats do, leave the sinking ship,” he continued. “Leave the mess for others to clean up and retreat into some profitable other business. That shows you how despicable these people are — they can’t even stand up for what they caused.”

David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Nigel Farage — three U.K. politicians that allowed or encouraged this vote to happen who won’t stick around to handle any of the consequences. The exit of these political leaders explains why many Britons are angry.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)