Did Bryan Cranston Really Leave A Signed Copy Of His Book For An Unsuspecting Fan At An Airport?

From originating one of modern television’s greatest sympathetic villains in Breaking Bad, to retooling a ’90s television classic in the new Power Rangers movie, actor Bryan Cranston is the best. However, if pictures posted by a Twitter user late Wednesday are any indication, he just might be a whole lot cooler than we assumed. That’s because the 60-year-old performer apparently pulled an Aziz Ansari and signed a copy of his new book, A Life in Parts, at Dallas Love Field, though Cranston took Ansari’s Modern Romance gag one step further and bought the book for whoever found it.

“Found this on a shelf at love field airport,” wrote Kenna on Twitter. “So amazing! Can’t wait to read it! Is this real???” Cranston’s official Twitter account was tagged in the tweet, but as of this writing, neither he nor his public relations team have confirmed the alleged book signing and buying.

Yet there’s enough evidence to suggest Walter White’s nicer, real-world doppelganger may be responsible for the random act of kindness. Not just because of the written note and signature Cranston supposedly left in the book, but also due to his being in Dallas on the day the book’s note claims: October 19, 2016 at 9:45 a.m. local time. Cranston is currently on tour promoting A Life in Parts, and according to his own touring schedule and the Dallas Morning News, he delivered a reading at Southern Methodist University at 1 p.m. that same day.

In conjunction with the Alamo Drafthouse, the actor and author will deliver a reading at the Treaty Oak Distilling Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas on Thursday. Located just west of Austin, it will be Cranston’s final stop in Texas before the book tour takes him to Kansas City, Missouri on Friday. So be on the lookout for a possible signed and purchased copy of A Life in Parts at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport early Friday morning.

(Via Kenna on Twitter)