‘Captain America: Civil War’ Helps Fans Keep The Sides Straight With New ‘Team Cap’ Posters

03.08.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Captain America: Civil War is going to feature a lot of superheroes. A lot. It can be hard to keep track of who’s allied with who in the ideological battle between Captain America and Iron Man, especially since a lot of the pairings may not make a huge amount of sense at first glance. I mean, weren’t Cap and the Winter Soldier fighting the last time we saw them?

Well don’t worry, because Marvel is here to clear things up with a series of posters showing exactly who’s on Cap’s side for the upcoming superpowered brouhaha. Fandango also got a bit of insight into where all these heroes are at the beginning of Civil War, and why they end up joining Team Cap.

Captain America will still be searching for Bucky/Winter Soldier at the beginning of the movie, and trying to grow into his leadership role.

The Winter Soldier will still be dealing with some of those brainwashing blues in Civil War, but he joins up with Cap. Why? Because once a sidekick, always a sidekick.

Scarlet Witch will be dealing with the death of her brother Quicksilver and working to harness her powers. Otherwise, it sounds like she’ll have a relatively minor role in Civil War.

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