Chris Hemsworth And Taika Waititi Had A Grand Time While Joking That Tom Hiddleston Is ‘Dead To Us’

The brotherly rivalry between Loki and Thor was a major theme in the early MCU movies until Loki’s death in Infinity War, though is anyone in the Marvel universe really dead, after all? Either way, Loki is absent from the upcoming installment Thor: Love And Thunder, (though Matt Damon’s Loki will probably appear, which is just as good) and Chris Hemsworth seems a little salty about it!

When asked about the lack of Hiddleston, Hemsworth confirmed that the actor hated them and refused to be in the movie. “He didn’t want to be involved. He said ‘I hate all of you, and in particular me,’ and I was like, that’s a shame. And that’s it. I mean, how many times can we kill him? Three? Four?” Hemsworth (presumably) joked. Hey, we don’t know what these stars are like in real life! Maybe they have actual beef. But probably not. Maybe he just didn’t want to see Thor’s butt in person.

Hemsworth added, “We love Tom. He’s just dead. Not him, but the character of Loki.” Co-star Taika Waititi chimed in, “He’s dead to us,” and Hemsworth concluded, “He’s obviously dead to us, as far as friendship goes.”

Though Loki won’t be in Love And Thunder, Disney+ has confirmed there would be a second season of the hit show Loki, which means there is still a potential for an on-screen reunion after all. Thor: Love And Thunder hits theaters on July 8th.

(Via CinemaBlend)