Chris Pine Promises That The ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Will Help Audiences Escape From Our ‘Sh*tty’ World

Chris Pine has a whole lot of love for his latest film, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. While the actor is no stranger to playing brash adventure heroes thanks to his role as Captain James Kirk in the latest Star Trek films, there’s just something special about D&D that Pine can’t stop revisiting. Namely, that it’s a stark contrast to the real world, which has been pretty crappy lately.

“I’ve seen this film probably more than I’ve seen many of my other films because I love watching it with an audience,” Pine told Variety at the Hollywood premiere. “To come out and see audience’s faces, you see exactly what cinema should do, which is people are, like, alive. They want to talk about it. They’re in a great mood. The world is so sh*tty so why not use this vehicle — big budget cinema — to make people feel better.”

Pine plays the dashing rogue Edgin in the film, and he was particularly drawn to the ’80s vibes that came with the role:

“I’m an ‘80s baby. So all of my references were ‘80s. So this movie to me was like ‘Goonies,’ ‘NeverEnding Story,’ it was a bit of ‘Indiana Jones.’ Fast forward, and maybe it’s a bit of ‘Pirates.’ All kind of mashed together with his big heart. That really more than anything is what I loved about it. I felt like it was just really honest, it was sweet.”

According to Pine, movies could use a little more sweet, presumably to make up for the aforementioned sh*tty-ness.

“Sweet has gotten a bad rap,” Pine told Variety. “Everything’s got to be really cool nowadays, and I’m really over cool. I think cool is super boring. I want something that’s genuine.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves rolls into theaters on March 31.

(Via Variety)