Chris Pratt And Paleontologist Jack Horner Talk Dinosaur Poop And Ghosts

06.22.15 4 years ago

Ever since the original Jurassic Park, we, as people, have had questions about how much science can help us learn more about dinosaurs. Specifically, Chris Pratt has been wondering if we have been fueling our cars with the ghosts of dinosaurs. The Jurassic World star, along with paleontologist and consultant to all the Jurassic movies Jack Horner, appeared on Vsauce to discuss dinosaur ghosts, dinosaur poop, and the dinosaurs that are still among us, and how humans can probably survive an extinction event by learning how to fly.

So, it’s time for flying cars fueled by the ghosts of dinosaurs so they can use their firsthand experience to teach us how to avoid extinction. Obviously. Science!

(Via the Mary Sue)

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