Chris Rock On Leonardo DiCaprio’s Night With 20 Women: ‘Eating Cheeseburgers And F*cking Fine B*tches’

Chris Rock has been making the media rounds the past few weeks, with his newest film Top Five — which he wrote, directed, and stars in — hitting theaters this Friday. It’s only right, then, that Rock stop by The Howard Stern Show on Monday to promote the film and talk about the issue on everyone’s mind. Prince William and Kate Middleton visiting the states? Nope. Leonardo DiCaprio swinging his pimp-hand at Art Basel, and herding a group of models back to his hotel like the Pied Piper of Playboy bunnies.

Rock and Stern shuffled through various topics during the interview, like Rock’s appreciation of Dave Chappelle as a comedian and performer, his distaste for the whole Bill Cosby situation, and how he was once asked to host the Super Bowl Halftime show. But, when the conversation turned to celebrity bragging, Rock portended what it would be like if Leo were to do such a thing.

“You don’t wanna hear Leonardo DiCaprio going, ‘You know who I could have f*cked? …You know, uhhh, Reese Witherspoon wanted me to lick her ass, but I turned her down. Halle Berry wanted me to c*m in her face but I was busy.’ “

Rock then went on a tangent about how he loves Leo, and how he appreciates the strength of his mack game.

“I love the guy. He enjoys himself. If he’s not doing a movie, he’s 40 pounds more, with a fine motherf*cker. With a beard and model. F*ck y’all…I’m eating cheeseburgers and f*cking fine bitches.”

I’d really love to continue to print Chris’ quotes, but honestly, you should do yourself a favor and listen to the clips below for the full interview with Howard. Rock discusses a bunch of topics including a Tracy Morgan update, how he came about writing his new film on the set of Grown Ups 2, the now infamous SNL monologue, what women think of their lady-parts, and plenty more. (The Leo discussion is in clip #5, starting at the 4 minute mark.)