Christian Bale Thanked Satan For Giving Him The Inspiration To Portray Dick Cheney At The Golden Globes

Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney biopic Vice led the way at Sunday night’s Golden Globes with a total six nominations, and Christian Bale, who played the titular character, ended up winning the trophy for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical or Comedy for the role. Lest anyone think Bale may have gained some empathy for the former Vice President under George W. Bush, he made it emphatically clear in his speech that this was absolutely not the case.

“Ah look at us, what a bunch of lucky buggers we are, right, for making a life out of doing something that we love,” he started out earnestly enough, first thanking his wife and giving her credit for helping him learn that less is more when it comes to not tanking speeches. With that said, he went on to lay into the charisma-free bleeps that made this role possible, throwing a shout-out to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and literally thanking the dark lord himself for helping him to get into character as Cheney:

Thank you to that geezer over there, Adam, he said “I’ve got to find somebody who can be absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody,” so he went, “That’s got to be Bale.” Thank you for all the competition, I’ll be cornering the market on charisma-free [bleep]. What do you think, Mitch McConnell, next? That could be good, couldn’t it? Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration onto how to play this role.

Whether or not his wife approved, Twitter was for the most part extremely on board with Bale’s speech.

Even followers of the big red guy himself were apparently down:

It makes you wonder who the eventual star of the Trump biopic is going to thank someday.