Christopher Nolan Slammed Marvel’s Post-Credits Scenes In The Snarkiest Manner Possible

I’m a credits watcher – I don’t feel like I’ve properly watched a movie unless I know who the third grip was and which dozen effects companies worked on the film. So, I’ve always appreciated Marvel’s post-credits codas. Even if I didn’t enjoy the movie itself much, I know I’ve got a fun little teaser coming at the end if I stick things out.

Well, you know who doesn’t like fun? Christopher Nolan, that’s who. Warner Bros. may be desperately trying to copy the Marvel Studios formula, but Nolan was insistent that Man of Steel not feature a post-credits scene. According to The Guardian, Warner Bros. badly wanted to add a coda to the movie that would set up Batman V Superman, but Nolan gave them a very terse, one-line response

“A real movie wouldn’t do that.”

So, that implies Nolan thought Zack Snyder’s take on super powered beings destroying a major city was a real movie while Joss Whedon’s was not. Because Man of Steel was more grey I guess? I dunno – maybe it’s for the best than Nolan has stepped away from the superhero thing.

Was it this that made Man of Steel a real movie? Probably. 

Via The Playlist