Classic Stephen King Short Story ‘The Jaunt’ Is Getting The Movie Treatment


Yes, you read that headline correctly, there actually exists a Stephen King short story from his late 70s/early 80s heyday that hasn’t been made into a movie. Until now that is.

The Jaunt was originally published in 1981 and later included in the 1985 King short story collection, Skeleton Crew. The story takes place in the 24th century when crude teleportation or “Jaunting” has become commonplace. Unfortunately, while your body is transported instantly, Jaunting feels like it takes an eternity to your conscious mind, so anybody not heavily anesthetized while being teleported will be driven insane. In the original short story a family takes a jaunt to Mars, but their son isn’t properly knocked out and, well, things don’t go so well for him or the family.

The movie version of The Jaunt will be helmed by Andy Muschietti, the director behind the fairly solid, Guillermo del Toro-produced haunted house movie Mama. It will be produced by Brad Pitt through his Plan B production company.

The Jaunt was little more than a quickie magazine article – a set-up, shock ending and not much more – so it will be interesting to see how it translates to the screen. At the very least, the filmmakers have a pretty killer premise to work with.

via io9