Congratulations, Sincerely, To The Kentucky Couple Getting Married By The Actual Cocaine Bear

If you were hoping to get married by the bear that inspired the movie Cocaine Bear on March 27th, I’m sorry but she’s booked.

TMZ reports that the folk hero black bear that swallowed a whole bunch of cocaine back in the 1980s (who amongst us?) will officiate the wedding ceremony between Alexandra and Armando at the Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, Kentucky. Mazel tov to the happy couple. And the dead bear.

A museum in Lexington, KY is the current home of the infamous Cocaine Bear, a 175-pound black bear that died from a cocaine overdose way back in 1985, and a Kentucky couple chose him to pronounce them husband and wife. Cocaine Bear was stuffed by a taxidermist and it changed hands over the years, going from Georgia to Tennessee to Nevada before ending up in a Kentucky museum, where it’s now a huge tourist attraction.

“As long as you feel that the person marrying you, like Cocaine Bear, has the authority, then that marriage can be binding here in Kentucky,” museum co-founder Griffin VanMeter told Roadside America. In that interview, I also learned that offerings are frequently left at Cocaine Bear’s feet, including one women who “knitted a kilo of cocaine.” There’s your sequel: Cocaine Grandma.

(Via TMZ)