Conan Takes The Batmobile For A Ride In His ‘Batman V Superman’ Cold Open

It wouldn’t be Batman v. Superman week without pretty much everybody under the sun weighing in on the new blockbuster in some fashion. Luckily though, some are more creative and just plain funnier than others so that helps. And one person who falls under that heading is Conan O’Brien.

In a segment from Friday night’s Conan show, the host and his trusty sidekick Andy need to rent a car. They don’t want a Toyota Corolla (after all, they’re celebrities, even if it’s just on cable) and enough with the Chevy Malibus already. But you see, they’re in luck. Because for just $5 more, they can snag the Batmobile.

It even has a USB charger!

Anyway, the duo finds a copy of Bruce Wayne’s Super Jamz on CD (he likes the Spin Doctors, who knew?) as well as a voice modulator which can be played with without actually having to look at the road. One problem, though, is that it’s pretty easy to speed in the Batmobile. It might even feel like you’re only going 45 when you’re going 445. And the cops take notice. Hopefully, they’ll be as down to tool around in Batman’s ride as Conan and Andy are.

Watch the video above for more. And while you’re at it, appreciate the fact that someone has a sense of humor about Batman v. Superman seeing as how the filmmakers most decidedly do not.