James Corden And John Krasinski Get Fired From Some Of Your Favorite Classic Film Roles

Would the world of classic film be improved by having well-liked celebrities/actors John Krasinski and James Corden sticking their beaks in from time-to-time? Thanks to the magic of lighthearted Late Late Show goofarounds, we now have our answer and NASA didn’t have to spend trillions on technology to make it happen. Thanks, late evening chat shows!

On Wednesday’s edition of the CBS program, our trusted host and his The Office alum guest revealed that they’ve worked a lot together in the past. So much so, a documentary was made regarding their unsuccessful attempts to get gigs in a number of classic films. If we didn’t know any better, we might suggest that this documentary is actually just a fun, silly comedy skit that bounces around from A Few Good Men to Gone With the Wind for some friendly laughs. The final film reveal is pretty darn cute and now the globe has a better understanding of what John Krasinski’s singing voice sounds like.

Toss those time machine and alternate dimension workbooks in the trash and give this sketch a watch while wondering what might have been. Doing so means pretending James Corden is immortal which should spice up your last few weeks of beach lounging.