Crispin Glover And His Bizarre French Accent Steal The Wild New Trailer For ‘Lucky Day’

Crispin Glover has had a fascinating career, one partially spent weirding up Hollywood blockbusters, from Back to the Future to Epic Movie, to fund things like his surreal art films, which have names like It is Fine! Everything is Fine. And though he can currently be seen on TV’s American Gods, it’s been a good long while since he’s graced the nation’s multiplexes — since 2010’s Hot Tub Time Machine, to be exact. The new action thriller Lucky Day isn’t exactly a blockbuster — it’s being released by the ever-modest Lionsgate — but it’s the kind of one-off genre item the major studios used to churn out not that long ago. Even better: It’s got Glover doing a bizarre French accent.

The nominal star is Luke Bracey, of Hacksaw Ridge and the Point Break remake, playing a newly released safe cracker trying to go straight. But it’s clear the movie really belongs to the third-billed Glover, who tears into the role of Luc, a psycho hitman out to make his life, and the lives of anyone he encounters, hell, with the aid of sniper rifles, blades, even grenade launchers, in addition to a broad, Pepé Le Pew accent revealed to be faux — because only a true madman would pretend they’re French.

Glover’s performance recalls his movie-stealing turn in 2000s-era Charlie’s Angels movies — another flamboyant assassin role that he played sans accent, because he didn’t say a word. Lucky Day, meanwhile, with its rogue hitman, may remind you of the post-Pulp Fiction late ’90s, when every third movie was a Tarantino knockoff. Well, there’s a reason for that: It was written and directed by Roger Avary, who won an Oscar for co-writing Fiction, and went on to make Killing Zoe and Rules of Attraction before being imprisoned manslaughter following a DUI-instigated car accident. Lucky Day marks his big-time comeback, and given how wild the trailer is, it looks like he was eager to get back behind the lens.

(Via The A.V. Club)