Danny DeVito Wrote A New New Batman Comic Where Penguin And Catwoman Fall In Love (While Stopping A Pandemic)

After his iconic performance in Batman Returns, Danny DeVito has taken another crack at The Penguin, but this time, in the funny pages where he started. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor contributed a story to the new comic book anthology, Gotham City Villains, and the bird-based Batman rogue gets busy in more ways than one. Not only does he stop a pandemic by launching a plot to vaccinate the whole world, but he finally wins Catwoman‘s hand after years of getting rejected by the feline felon. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“At first I was a little bit hesitant about doing the comic, but then I got into the fact that I’ve always been a big fan of Michelle Pfeiffer’s, and the Penguin obviously lusts after Catwoman. So I figured I’d put those two together, and then it was also in the middle of the pandemic, which we’re still fighting with. I thought it would be good if Penguin had a little bit of Robin Hood in him.”

Naturally, DeVito found inspiration in the real-life pandemic, which he realizes isn’t going away anytime soon because people are refusing to get vaccinated. So he decided to partake in a little wish fulfillment by having his classic Tim Burton role knock it out.

“I just want this pandemic to be behind us,” DeVito said. “That’s what Oswald wants: Get everybody vaccinated and give science a chance to get ahead of this. The thing mutates, and if we don’t give the vaccine to people all over the world, it’s going to keep mutating.”

Gotham City Villains is on sale at comic book stands now.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)