Danny Trejo’s Story Of Addiction And Redemption Will Put A Smile On Your Face

“Everything good that has happened to me, has happened as a direct result of helping someone else.”

It’s easy to get carried away with the heartfelt headlines and stories that will supposedly uplift you, but Danny Trejo managed to put a smile on my face in this clip from AARP. In it, Trejo talks about his life growing up as a bit of a wild child and how it landed him in prison and in a battle with drug addiction. Trejo had the tough guy act down, but it took those darker moments to allow him to grow out and evolve into a positive individual.

From there, he talks about helping others and how it eventually led him to a Hollywood set in order to help a young production assistant struggling with his own addictions. Following that, he met up with Eddie Bunker, a fellow ex-felon, and he eventually set him up with a chance to put his skills as a boxer to the test by teaching Eric Roberts how to fight for Runaway Train.

Hearing Trejo talk about his passions and the things that drive him is truly an inspiring thing, even for an assh*le like myself. It’s not normally the type of story I’d latch onto in passing, but it’s a cool bit to hear. Also, he’s got a love for dogs and I finally found out where the story in the GTA: Vice City video below comes from. It’s a great moment.

(Via AARP)