‘Suicide Squad’ Filmmaker David Ayer Thinks Comic Book Movie Fans Need To Learn How To ‘Chill’ Already

The first Suicide Squad movie may have been a hit, but that doesn’t mean it has a good rep. Indeed, its director, David Ayer, has only now been okay with opening up about what was clear to many: that the movie was taken away from him and softened, its rough edges sanded down for a more populist vibe. Recently it was reported that James Gunn, one of the DCEU’s new honchos, was going to release Ayer’s original, nastier cut. Not that that mollified some comic book movie die hards.

As caught by The AV Club, one fan expressed skepticism that Gunn would do the right thing, claiming that Ayer “really fell for” his “lie.” The person even tagged Ayer. Well, Ayer noticed and added his two cents.

“I absolutely can’t wait to see Gunn’s Superman,” Ayer’s tweet began. “I have to say this. Gunn is the bravest man in Hollywood these days. He’s taking charge of the hardest ship to Captain in this industry.”

Ayer added, “We make movies. We are entertainers. Not elected officials leading a nation. Everyone please chill.”

The comic book movie genre has long been a haven for, to put it mildly, passionate enthusiasts. Just ask Martin Scorsese. But when even a filmmaker like Ayer, who makes some of the most serious and intense entertainments out there, is asking you to take it down a notch, maybe it’s time to listen.

(Via The AV Club)