Here’s What You Need To Know About The Slew Of Upcoming DC Movies

With Marvel Studios films riding superior on many levels, rival franchises have ramped up production to compete. DC Comics come to life at the hands of Warner Bros., which has undertaken quite the challenge when competing with juggernauts such as the Avengers projects (and the spinoff films of all associated heroes). Competition between studios is healthy, for it will bring audiences many new films to enjoy for years to come. There’s a ton of them, and it’s difficult to keep track when so much madness is coming our way. So, let’s consider what we know about these upcoming DC movies and the fan-favorite characters who will fill the frames at a theater near you.

This year will bring Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which sees Zack Snyder go terribly dark from the looks of the film’s evolution. Whereas Suicide Squad promotion has forecast a delightful mess of mayhem (not only in the film’s recent rhapsodic trailer, but also from cast members who have revealed behind-the-scenes hijinks). Next up will be Wonder Woman, and the rest of the DC/Warner Bros. slate shall spill forth with several films. These include Justice League Part One (which largely remains a mystery, but we know Zack Snyder will direct) plus Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, and Cyborg.

Let our video do the talking with plentiful imagery to boot.