Deep Netflix: ‘Stolen’ Is Basically ‘Taken’ But With Nicolas Cage… During Mardi Gras

01.29.16 12 Comments

Millennium Films

The movie Stolen is kind of like…

Hmm. How does one describe the movie Stolen?

Let’s try this: The movie Stolen is kind of like Taken, but it stars Nicolas Cage instead of Liam Neeson. And instead of the main character being a former intelligence agent with “a particular set of skills,” the main character is “America’s greatest bank robber.” And instead of a gang of sex traffickers kidnapping the daughter, it’s a one-legged psychopath former accomplice who faked his own death. And instead of earning millions of dollars at the box office and spawning multiple sequels, it made $183,125 its opening weekend. And it’s set in New Orleans. During Mardi Gras. So it’s basically Taken, but terrible, with Nic Cage at Mardi Gras.

But that just tells you what the movie is. It doesn’t really give you the feel of it. It doesn’t get to its soul. What would help, I think, is an image. Perhaps a screencap. Perhaps this screencap.


Millennium Films

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