‘Detective Pikachu’ Is Now The Highest-Grossing Video Game Movie Of All-Time


Before Detective Pikachu came out and introduced Pokémon novices to an anxious duck, we noted that the Ryan Reynolds-starring film had a good shot at becoming the highest-grossing video game movie of all-time. With $143 million and counting, Detective Pikachu long ago passed Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ($131,168,070) and The Angry Birds Movie ($107,509,366) for the domestic record; now it’s set the international record, too, thanks to help from Slovenia.

Theaters in five remaining territories still showing Pokémon Detective Pikachu propelled the adventure movie past $436 million worldwide, a new record for films based on video games… Cinemas in Norway, New Zealand, Slovenia, Portugal, and Colombia generated $6,994 over the weekend of July 12-14, per data published by Box Office Mojo. (Via)

Detective Pikachu is also still playing in discount theaters in the U.S. (in case you want to double feature it with Brightburn), which helped the film propel past Duncan Jones’ Warcraft for the record. Based on the Blizzard Entertainment franchise of the same name, Warcraft was an international hit ($386 million) but a domestic flop ($47.3 million), so sequels remain unlikely. Unlike Detective Pikachu, which was the first of many planned Pokémon sequels and spin-offs.

Can’t wait for that gritty Snorlax movie!

I wonder how Pikachu will celebrate the news.

(Via Yahoo!)