Even Honest Trailers Can’t Find Anything Wrong With ‘Die Hard’

The Honest Trailers team has an uncanny ability to make fun of great movies even as they show profound affection for them. So, it’s telling that even they are unable to come up with anything substantial to make fun of in Die Hard.

Okay, so they find a few nitpicks, like the fact that Alan Rickman can’t speak German and his supposedly German brother doesn’t understand what he’s saying. And also the movie has a thing about feet which you’ll never be able to completely unsee. On the other hand, they do a pretty great breakdown of why Die Hard more or less defined the action movie for a solid decade: The concept alone is brilliant, but the execution is even better. It’s one of the few action movies where every gunfight drives the plot forward somehow; somebody gets a MacGuffin, somebody gets a crucial piece of information, somebody now has a machine gun, ho ho ho. Not bad for a movie that started out as a Frank Sinatra vehicle and was nearly a sequel to the gloriously dimwitted Commando.

No, really; it started as a novel that was a sequel to The Detective, which was a Frank Sinatra movie. Die Hard nearly starred Ol’ Blue Eyes. At least that movie would have had a good soundtrack?

(Via YouTube)