‘Dino-Riders’ Is The Next ’80s Toy Line Coming To Theaters

Mattel and Solipsist Film are working on an action-adventure, family-friendly adaptation of the Dino-Rider ’80s animated series and toys. It’s meant as competition for Hasbro’s quickly-expanding Transformers franchise, and it will aim — much like the sole purpose of the 14-episode television show run back in 1988 — to sell the Dino-Riders toys to kids.

Tracking Board broke the news, and they offer a synopsis:

In a futuristic war, the evolved human race known as the Valorians are trying to save the galaxy from Krulos and his army of mixed-species Rulons. In an effort to escape a Rulon onslaught, Questar, the leader of the Valorians, turns on a machine that takes them all back in time to prehistoric Earth. Once there, the war continues with the Valorians using their psychic abilities to convince dinosaurs to aid them, and the Rulons using machinery to enslave dinosaurs to fight for them.

We can also offer a synopsis. It’s the picture at the top of this page. That’s it. That’s the synopsis. You either want to see that or you don’t.

So yeah, it’s a feature film-length advertisement for plastic dinosaur toys, which is perhaps morbid…

(Via Tracking Board)