This Supercut Of Every ’90s Disney Film In One Mega Trailer Will Give You More Feels Than You Can Handle

There’s no denying that the ’90s were an excellent era for Disney films. The Lion KingThe Little Mermaid, and The Rescuers Down Under — yup, you heard us — ushered in a golden age of animated features that those of us growing up during those heady times didn’t think could get any better. But then it did, because a professional trailer editor who goes by the name of indrancole3 took all your favorite movies and turned them into one giant ad for the films of yesteryear.

Two things:

1. This trailer is awesome and will make you feel nostalgic even if you were literally born yesterday.

2. How many of you would absolutely watch the hell out of this megamix if it were a real feature film? We know we would. Could someone get on that?

(Via YouTube)