Don Cheadle Is Defending Brie Larson From A Sexist ‘Body Language Expert’ After The ‘Endgame’ Press Tour

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Movie stars, particularly A-list casts of big budget blockbuster films, endure near-grueling press tours while promoting a film — flying around the world to attend junket after junket, answering the same awkward, canned questions over and over from entertainment reporters. Which … whatever! It’s part of the job, and obviously they can’t complain too much. But it’s hardly an accurate measure of a person’s character, and one so-called “body language expert” got a little overzealous analyzing the interactions between Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, and Chris Hemsworth during one such interview promoting Avengers: Endgame.

In a nearly 14-minute-long YouTube video (yes, you read that right) body language expert Mandy O’Brien attempts to make the argument that Larson is “stiff” and domineering and that she and Cheadle dislike one another. “I don’t know their names, yeah, I know, it’s bad,” she says of Cheadle and Hemsworth at one point early in the video, which clearly smacks of professionalism.

“She is really trying to dominate them,” O’Brien later says. “I guess in her mind, domination equals acceptance…In reality, submission will get you a lot further in friendship circles than trying to dominate and boss everyone around.”

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