Donald Glover’s ‘Star Wars’ Casting Brought Out The Best In The Internet

Features Writer
10.21.16 3 Comments

Getty Image / Lucasfilm

Earlier this afternoon, we received the excellent news that Donald Glover had officially been cast as the space cape wearing smooth talker, Lando Calrissian, in the Han Solo film coming in 2018. While the rumors had been flying for months now, it was great to see Childish Gambino getting his first shot at a blockbuster. He may not have been Spider-Man, but playing the coolest guy in the galaxy is certainly a step towards the superstardom that Glover deserves.

While some casting decisions are met with apathy or outright derision, Glover’s addition to the Star Wars universe seems to be met with near universal acclaim. Glover has proven himself to be a talented actor, rapper, writer, and comedian, so this next step into the science fiction world is a leap towards total entertainment world domination. If Twitter is to be believed, they are more than willing to accept their new geek overlord.

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