Michael Moore Called Donald Trump ‘Batsh*t Crazy,’ And Twitter Turned Into An Echo Chamber

Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Join Capitol Hill Rally Against Iran Deal
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Michael Moore‘s doing the publicity rounds for his new documentary, Where to Invade Next? Some Oscar buzz followed the Thursday evening world premiere at TIFF, and the film finished screening at midnight on the 9/11 anniversary. The film’s subject matter, of course, deals with the United States’ reputation abroad in the context of international relations.

Moore spoke at length with Entertainment Weekly before the premiere. Naturally, the subject of Donald Trump‘s presidential run surfaced. Moore thinks Trump’s notorious immigration stance is actually softened by his wife, Melania:

“I think to have a president who is married to an immigrant would be a wonderful thing. It would show his love of immigration. I believe she’s from Slovenia, and a graduate of the University of Ljubljana, Mrs. Trump. So I think he’s certainly showed his love of immigrants. The thing about Trump is, you remember that movie in the ’60s called Fantastic Voyage, a crazy hokey film where Raquel Welch and some scientist take a miniaturized submarine into this guy’s body to battle the evil things that are killing him? If I could just go inside Trump’s brain for just a couple hours and turn the hate button off.”

Moore also offered up his opinion on why Trump continues to lead the polls:

“See, I think people love batsh*t crazy. I think that that’s just us loving entertainment. You know, Stephen Colbert did that character. He was playing batsh*t crazy Bill O’Reilly. This is actually Trump. This is not performance art.”

Twitter responded to the “batsh*t crazy” comment in a wholly predictable manner (although users latched onto a Salon aggregation rather than the full Entertainment Weekly piece).

(Via Entertainment Weekly)