Seven Minutes Of Christopher Nolan’s War Epic ‘Dunkirk’ Will Air Before ‘Rogue One’ In IMAX

Fans who are already anticipating a great experience at the theater when they go see Rogue One for the first time this holiday season now have another reason to get their butts in seats as soon as possible. According to /Film, the first seven minutes of Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticipated new movie Dunkirk will screen before the latest Star Wars installment. Which is great news for people who just can’t wait another minute to see the first full scenes from Nolan’s war epic which he both wrote and directed.

The bad news is that the footage will only be included in certain theaters, specifically 70mm IMAX locations. Which means cities with only digital IMAX screens — like New York — won’t have the opportunity to see the advance footage. At least not right away. But Los Angeles is sitting pretty, as are states like Minnesota or Alabama who have one of the few 70mm IMAX theaters that exist in the world. It’s been a while since there has been an honest to goodness war epic like this is shaping up to be, so anyone who gets their eyes on the prologue early will get a sense as to whether it can measure up to some of the awesome films from years past like Saving Private Ryan or Apocalypse Now or if it will be another Nolan film with mixed reviews.

Plus, you could be one of the first people to catch a first glimpse at Harry Styles with short hair strutting around in his army greens. That might be motivation enough to drive to Missouri.

(via /Film)