The Rock Teased How ‘Black Adam’ Will Change The DC Universe As Filming Wraps

While promotion has been in full swing for Dwayne Johnson’s Disney movie based on a theme park ride, he’s been all-in on filming Black Adam for the DC Universe. The superstar actor has hyped the movie up in a big way, and provided a number of updates about filming through social media messages from the set.

While many of his updates have essentially been extremely jacked photos of him with some teases of the costume he will wear, Johnson announcing that filming had wrapped included a different kind of tease fans of the larger DC Universe will certainly be interested to weigh.

On Friday, Johnson announced that Black Adam had wrapped filming, sharing a video of a speech he made to the cast and crew as things wound down on set. Johnson called it the “hardest undertaking of my entire career” both physically and mentally, but stressed that the experience was worth it in the end.

Interestingly, he teased that the “balance” of power in the DC Universe is about to change.

“The hierarchy of power in DC Universe is changing,” he wrote.

What that means for the actual story of the movie is about as vague as Johnson’s other posts about the movie because the source material is, well, complicated. But it’s the latest big tease from Johnson about a project he’s clearly excited about.

We’ll have to see what all that actually means when Black Adams hits theaters, which is currently scheduled for July 29, 2022.