Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson All But Confirms He’s The Voice Behind A Pretty Major Character In ‘Fortnite’

For some time now, Fortnite fans have suspected Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had something cooking and a recent video the star shared on his Instagram is adding some serious fuel to that kitchen fire. Earlier today, The Rock took to Instagram to post an advertisement for his energy drink ZOA, and while the video might not seem like anything unusual to your average viewer, Fortnite enthusiasts were left reeling by some pretty wild Easter eggs Johnson scattered throughout the clip — including a brief glimpse of the mask of iconic Fortnite character The Foundation wears in the game.

In addition to the helmet, several other artifacts in the video give credence to the theory that Johnson is secretly voicing The Foundation. For example, on the actor’s table is a prop gun that looks like something straight out of the popular battle royale game. Johnson also mentions Zero Point, the energy source located at the center of Fortnite iconic island, several times. Last but not least, some fans even suspect the camera spins in the clip — which seem a bit out of place — actually allude to Fortnite chapter 3’s “flipside” theme.

Introduced back in March, The Foundation (which, come on, even sounds like “The Rock“) is one of Fortnite’s Seven, a mysterious group of meta-humans that seek to fight back against the game’s villainous Imagined Order. Nearly as soon as the character was introduced into the game, Fortnite fans began to suspect the person behind The Foundation was secretly Johnson, as his build and voice shared a lot of similarities with the former WWE star. If that wasn’t enough, Johnson then fanned these rumors by sharing a strange video the very same as the debut, seemingly connecting him to the character.

As for why Johnson is teasing his connection to the game now, it’s very likely due to the fact that Fornite‘s chapter 2 finale event is merely two days away. While Epic Games has kept Johnson’s involvement hush-hush thoroughout all of The Foundation’s various escapades, it’s likely a big reveal is coming soon.