Edgar Wright’s Horror-Thriller Now Has A Name And A Star, Anya Taylor-Joy

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Edgar Wright is, like Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg, one of the few Hollywood filmmakers who doesn’t need franchises to get press — whose name alone can make people excited, about his film and about others. So it was worthy news a couple weeks back that the Baby Driver creator’s next film — after his documentary on the batty band Sparks, that is — would be a “horror-thriller.” Nothing else was known about it, but that’s fine because “in-the-works Edgar Wright horror-thriller” is news enough.

Well, now, as per The Hollywood Reporter, we have some more information. Not much — just a title and a star. The latter first: It’s Anya Taylor-Joy, now on screens in Glass, in which the Argentine-British actress reprises her role from Split as the kindly high schooler who knows how to talk to James McAvoy’s the Horde without getting killed. Taylor-Joy broke through with 2015’s The Witch, and has gone onto last year’s nasty indie Thoroughbreds, the long-delayed X-Men spin-off The New Mutants, and the drama Barry, in which she played one of a collegiate Barack Obama’s girlfriends.

And oh yes, the title: It’s Last Night in Soho, which implies that it will be set in the London neighborhood, not the Manhattan one, mind you, because it isn’t capitalized that way.

And that’s it! Does it take place over one night? Or does it take place the day after a night in Soho and unfold like a horror Hangover? Will the Miami-born, Argentine- and England-raised Taylor-Joy do her British accent or her more frequently deployed-in-movies American one? No one but Wright, presumably Taylor-Joy, and also presumably certain studio big wigs knows anything! But you’re in safe hands with Wright. After all, even the Marvel film he ditched turned out to be pretty good.

(Via THR)