Here’s What Happened To Your Favorite ’80s Film Crush

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07.14.15 34 Comments

There was something about the the 1980s that made it ripe for teen angst. More and more films were being made that were geared toward teens in general, and with that new focus came a new crop of heartthrobs. For example, John Hughes is responsible for truly elevating the teen crush into an art form while simultaneously enriching the daydreams of adolescents everywhere with these new high-school ideals.

While some ’80s stars managed to stay in the spotlight as time ticked on — Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Diane Lane, for instance — others faded away a bit, either stepping back from Hollywood completely or settling into a more yeoman-like career as a supporting player. No matter, these actors still managed to leave an impression on the hearts and hormones of ’80s kids everywhere like a first crush, and what’s more fun than getting a glimpse of what our first crushes turned out to be? So, with that in mind, let’s check in with some long-lost ’80s movie crushes.

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