Looks Like Emily VanCamp Is Back As Agent 13 In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

When Emily VanCamp was first announced for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not too many people knew who she was. They weren’t too familiar with her character, Agent 13 — otherwise known as Sharon Carter. Then again, those people were neither comic book fans nor all that familiar with the mythos Captain America: The First Avenger was developing on its own.

Her turn in The Winter Soldier kicked some serious Hydra ass, and now it looks like she’ll be back for another go of it in next year’s Captain America: Civil War. Deadline broke the news late Wednesday night.

This comes a day after the announcement that Martin Freeman would be joining the film’s already-bulging cast, which is filming in Atlanta. There’s still no word on who (or what) the British actor is playing, but at least that’s not a question we need to ask about VanCamp. We know who she is.

(Via Deadline)