Emma Stone Explains How She Taught Woody Allen All About Twitter

Emma Stone has been about as close to Woody Allen these past few years as anybody else who isn’t named Soon-Yi. This could be troublesome obviously, but Allen is going to have something to occupy his time now: Twitter.  Stone talked to Conan about discussing Twitter with Allen and he showed interest.

Stone taught the controversial director all about the time wasting “social” platform, even reciting him a nice Tweet from THE Joyce Carol Oates. One that Allen was familiar with because he wrote it.

“That’s my line…in Crimes And Misdemeanors, Alan Alda…We said it, we did it about 40 times…I don’t think she intentionally stole my line, I think maybe she just remembered–you know– but it’s very funny, I see the point.”

That said, Woody Allen should not be on Twitter. Never. I think we all know why. It’s going to end poorly.

(Via Team Coco)