Ja Ja… Ding Dong! Netflix Released A Full Version Of The Catchiest Song From ‘Eurovision Song Contest’

If you’re anything like this guy…


… you’ve had “Ja Ja Ding Dong” rattling around your brain since watching Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Netflix’s goofy, sweet musical-comedy starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. There are two things to know about the song:

1. It’s not a real song. I mean, it is now, because it’s a movie, but it’s not an Icelandic standard. “We were trying to create a bar song that Fire Saga didn’t write, because in the movie, supposedly, this is just a traditional song,” director David Dobkin told Vulture, while songwriter Savan Kotecha added, “We knew it had to be a call-and-response to feel like a pub song. It’s all about that chorus… I’ve had a few people tell me, ‘That’s like an Icelandic pub song or something?’ Like, nope! That’s a new song.”

2. It’s low-key dirty.

When I feel your gentle touch
And things are going our way
I wanna spill my love on you all day, all day

Jaja ding dong (Ding dong)
My love for you is growing wide and long
Jaja ding dong (Ding dong)
I swell and burst when I see what we’ve become
Jaja ding dong (Ding dong)
Come, come my baby, we can get love on
Jaja ding dong (Ding dong)
When I see you I feel a ding-ding dong

OK, maybe it’s not “low-key” dirty. It’s just dirty.

3. And the full-length version is available for your listening enjoyment below.