Everyone Should Get These ‘A Christmas Story’ References

A Christmas Story holds a special place in many hearts, but none more than us native Clevelanders (and I guess TBS) who grew up near where the house still stands. But that’s okay, once the rest of you realize how often you reference this movie over the holidays you’ll be road tripping it to Cleveland to take a picture with the leg lamp asap!

“You’ll shoot your eye out.” — Mother Parker, Santa

For when a kid requests an outlandish gift.

“I triple-dog dare you!” — Schwartz

For when someone thinks they can’t drink one more glass of eggnog.

“I can’t put my arms down.” — Randy

For when you’re not excited about bundling up to go outside.

“Fra-gee-lay (Fragile.) That must be Italian.” — The Old Man Parker

For after you open a delicate gift.

“I want a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range air rifle.” — Ralphie

For when you anyone asks what you want for Christmas.

“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. Ovaltine?” — Ralphie

For when something doesn’t quite meet expectations (or someone serves Ovaltine).

“Ooh fuuuudge.” — Ralphie

For when you’re PG-ing a story for your family.

“It’s a major award!” — The Old Man Parker

For when you open a gift you need help reacting to.

“Oh my god, I shot my eye out!” — Ralphie

For when exactly what everyone told you would happen, happens.