Ewan McGregor Explains How Questions About Doing Another ‘Star Wars’ Film Can Be Humiliating

Poor Ewan McGregor. I mean, what’s a massively popular, incredibly handsome, wildly successful movie star like him supposed to do when people ask him 738 times per day if he’s going to be in another Star Wars movie? One can only wonder.

Seems McGregor, who famously played the younger Ben Kenobi in Episodes 1-3, has  just about had it when it comes to this particular topic, which came up in a recent interview with Parade magazine. See, he gets it, but he doesn’t get it. He’ll do another Star Wars movie, sure. But he doesn’t understand “the fanaticism.” And he couldn’t care less if it happens. Got all that?

“I like the films that I made with George Lucas and I’m happy to be part of the legend of it all, but that’s it with me. I don’t really understand the fanaticism about it. I’m asked by everybody all the time, ‘Would you do another one?’ and I’ve said, ‘Yeah, I’d be happy to,’ because I think there’s a film between Episode 3 and Episode 4, which is when Alec Guinness is in the desert. But I’ve been asked about it so much now that I’m being criticized for trying to persuade Disney to make this movie. I only responded to people asking me about it, and now it looks like I’m sort of looking for work, which is humiliating. I couldn’t care less if it happens, but when Star Wars people ask me if I would do it, the answer is yes, so that’s how I feel about it.”

There’s a fair amount to unpack within those comments. And while there’s actually some merit to the idea of watching movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi aging alone on Tatooine with no one to keep him company but sand creatures (or is there?), the bottom line here is obviously, stop humiliating Ewan McGregor, people!

(via Parade)