A Fan-Made ‘Batman’ Movie With Some Surprising Cameos Went Viral

Batman will get some new shine in the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League retooling, but some fans have other ideas about what Gotham’s hero should be doing on screen. A viral fan-made Batman project made some waves in recent days, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

The nearly 30-minute project, entitled Batman: Dying Is Easy, is an exploration of Batman and the Joker’s complicated relationship that mostly takes place in Arkham Asylum. The IndieGoGo campaign for the project earned more than $75,000, well over what they were hoping to raise. And the result seems to have thrilled those who put their money where their fandom is. Here’s the description from the IndieGoGo page.

We want to give the fans something they’ve always craved with these characters. A psychological, dark detective story with an almost horror film feel. This film is created by fans for the fans. This film will feature all original costumes, sets, and music score!

As The Hollywood Reporter detailed, the film features an impressive roster of talent in various roles. Aaron and Sean Schoenke, who created and directed the project, enlisted Michael Madsen, Doug Jones, Casper Van Dien and Chris Daughtry for roles in the project. The project, which you can watch above, also features Kevin Porter as Batman, Aaron Schoenke as the Joker. Jones, meanwhile, plays the Riddler and stuntwoman Amy Johnson appears as Harley Quinn.