The FBI Had A Nice Chat With Leonardo DiCaprio About The Fraudster Who Funded ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

New documents reviewed by Bloomberg reveal the FBI’s conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio about his relationship with international fraudster Jho Low, the fugitive accused of trying to milk billions out of the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund known as 1MDB. The conversation, which took place April 2018, included a wide array of topics including the gifts Low gave DiCaprio (Marlon Brando’s Oscar for On The Waterfront, a Basquiat painting) and DiCaprio’s failure to accurately vet Low before getting into business with him. According to the actor during the conversation, he let his team handle the vetting, and claims they gave him a report, but that he couldn’t remember what was in it.

Bolstered by thousands of Blackberry messages and emails, the FBI has focused on DiCaprio despite Low partying and lavishing gifts on tons of stars, including Kim Kardashian. Low reportedly once handed over casino chips totaling $350,000 to Kardashian, who took most of it out of the casino in a trash bag filled with hundred dollar bills. Yet his relationship with DiCaprio went deeper, with the two collaborating on potential ideas like a $1 billion fund for films and a Warner Bros. theme park in Asia with DiCaprio movie-themed rides (Shutter Island roller coaster would have been sick).

Heat was already on Low in 2015, but apparently the relationship finally went fully sour when Low didn’t come through with a promised Roy Lichtenstein piece to auction in support of DiCaprio’s foundation. Further proof that celebrities are just like us.

(via Bloomberg)