Friday Conversation: What TV Show Or Movie Did You End Up Liking Way More Than You Expected To?

09.19.14 5 years ago 135 Comments

This week’s Friday Conversation topic piggybacks on something I discussed earlier today: my love of FX’s freshman comedy You’re the Worst. (A cheap and gratuitous link back to something I just wrote? OKAY.) I really did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did, partially because of its weird marketing campaign, and partially, probably, due to the largely unknown cast. Cut to about three months later and it ended up being my favorite show of the summer, and one of the best new comedies in years. Who knew?

Which brings us to the topic: What television show and/or movie did you end up enjoying way more than you expected to?

Other examples for me would include Orange Is the New Black, which came to Netflix with about 1/10000000000th of the fanfare House of Cards came in with and ended up being at least as good (if not better), and The LEGO Movie. Especially The LEGO Movie. By the time I watched it I had already read enough reviews to know it had something going for it, but still. What should have been another lowbrow cynical toy company cash grab masquerading as cinema — sup, Battleship? — ended up being an incredibly fun, sweet film, and maybe even one of the better action movies of 2014. It had no right to be that good. There should be an investigation.

Yours below. Spaceship.

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