The Honestly Awesome ‘Furious 7’ Finally Gets An Honest Trailer

The Screen Junkies crew takes on the Fast & Furious gang in this Honest Trailer for Furious 7. I imagine it’s easier to make these things for movies that suck… because Furious 7 is the pinnacle of filmmaking and is destined to win Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, they had to dig deep to find things to mock.

These guys are professionals, though, so they dig deep and make it work. The Rock and Vin Diesel get theirs, along with the nonsensical F457 & Fu410u5 naming schemes for the movies that both kicked off and beat into the ground the numbers in movie names trend. The plot was also kinda stupid now that they point it out, but how are you supposed to notice that over all the cars jumping out of planes and skyscrapers?

Freaking. Awesome.

Big ups for also acknowledging the way Furious 7 handled the Paul Walker tribute. You wouldn’t expect a movie that uses several head-on collisions as a way to wrap up action scenes to pull this off, but they did. And now that you’ve had a laugh from this Honest Trailers vid, here’s that tribute to Walker again to make you cry:

(via Honest Trailers)