‘Furious 7’ Was The Most Mistake-Filled Movie Of 2015

Furious 7 was a lot of things. It was the latest chapter in a franchise that started with a few mid-level criminals racing cars and now features the same group of criminals — plus Ludacris and the Rock and Tyrese, because why not? — saving the world. It was a movie that made $1 billion at the box office. It was a movie that featured cars skydiving out of a jumbo jet.

It was also, according the website Movie Mistakes (a crowdsourced website that tracks, well, mistakes in movies), the most mistake-filled movie of 2015, coming in with a cool 41 mistakes and edging out other movies like Jurassic World (33), The Martian (21), Spectre (16), and Mad Max: Fury Road (15).

Most of the mistakes listed are small-ish continuity errors, like “We see Shaw is on floor 7. However when he leaves, the outside of the building is only four stories high” and “When Hobbs is doing his paperwork at the start we see him move one sheet aside and the photo underneath is black and white. When we see Hobbs stamp the second sheet it is now a colour photo,” which, fine. If you want to watch a movie about the U.S. government recruiting street racers to catch Jason Statham and then go online to nitpick about The Rock’s paperwork, God bless. But here’s where I draw the line:

Factual error: Hobbs gets the mini gun off the drone. He then proceeds to shoot down the helicopter. Being a mounted mini gun, there should be no way he can fire the gun manually.

Yeah, well, he also flexed so hard his friggin’ cast burst off his arm…

rock flex

… so maybe let’s all suspend disbelief a bit here, fellas.