‘Furious 7’ Returns To Its Street Racing Roots At Race Wars In New Featurette

After 14 years, the Fast and the Furious series is returning to one of the iconic locations from the first movie: Race Wars, the fictional underground racing festival where all the various criminal car gangs go to do quarter mile runs, race for pink slips, and fist fight over accusations of narc’ing.

Speaking of accusations, one that’s been leveled at the franchise is that it strayed too much from its street racing roots. From Fast 4 on, the series became more focused on the crime/heist side of things. You still have a bunch of nice cars, but there was barely any actual racing or racing scene representation.

While the last film started to steer the SS Furious back towards its roots, it looks like Furious 7 is finally going home, at least for a portion of the movie.