George Clooney Has Unloaded On ‘Rust’ Producers For Hiring An Inexperienced Armorer: ‘It’s Insane. It’s Infuriating.’

A recent promotional appearance for George Clooney‘s new movie, The Tender Bar, turned into a full-on dressing down as the writer/director blasted the producers of Rust for creating a situation that led to the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. While recording the latest episode of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Clooney did not hold back his thoughts on the situation that led to Alec Baldwin pulling the trigger of a gun with live round in it.

“Look, he may be a dick, I don’t know the guy at all, but I’ve been on sets for 40 years and the person that hands you the gun, the person that is responsible for the gun, is either the prop person or the armorer, period,” Clooney said before hammering producers for hiring Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, an inexperienced armorer who had issues on previous productions. Via Mediaite:

“Why for the life of me, this low budget film with producers that haven’t produced anything wouldn’t have hired, for the armorer, someone with experience,” he continued, adding, “That is insane. It’s insane. It’s infuriating.”

Clooney also made sure to note that Baldwin’s claim that he was handed a “cold gun” doesn’t make sense, because he’s never heard the phrase in all his years of working on films. “It’s a series of tragedies,” Clooney said. “But also, a lot of stupid mistakes.”

(Via WTF with Marc Maron, Mediaite)