‘Mad Max’ Director George Miller Rumored To Be Helming ‘Man Of Steel 2’

Jon Schnepp — the director of The Death of Superman Lives, a documentary about the Superman movie that would have starred Nic Cage — dropped one hell of an exclusive during and episode of Popcorn Talk’s “DC Movie News” Thursday night. The relevant bit starts at 55:22 in the video below, but you can skip past that and read our summary below if you’d rather:

Reportedly, Warner either wants George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) to direct Man of Steel 2, or he’s already signed to do it. Zack Snyder’s already busy with two Justice League movies, and Warner reportedly loved what Miller did with Fury Road (and probably would have liked his awesome-sounding Justice League Mortal had a writers’ strike and Australian funding kerfuffle not derailed it). Schnepp may be on point with this claim. CBM says Miller was recently spotted on the set of another Warner project: Suicide Squad.

We were just saying the other day how great it would be to see what would happen if a studio unleashed Miller’s directorial vision and mastery of practical effects on a superhero tent pole film. Although we were kind of hoping it would be Doof Warrior Begins.

(Via CBM and Popcorn Talk)