George A. Romero’s Abandoned ‘Resident Evil’ Film Is A Depressing Tale Of What Might Have Been

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12.17.16 3 Comments

Variety has a fine piece looking back on the Resident Evil film we didn’t get from the mind of George R. Romero. The father of the zombie film directed the ad above for Resident Evil / Biohazard 2 and seemingly earned a ticket to bring the series to the big screen for Capcom. Judging by the reaction by Adrienne Frantz, the actress playing Claire Redfield in the ad alongside Brad Renfro as Leon Kennedy, a Romero Resident Evil would’ve held a somewhat intense attention to detail:

“It was an honor to work with a legend like Romero,” Frantz said. “All of the zombie TV shows and movies that we see today are because of him. He started an entire horror film revolution.”

Frantz was struck by Romero’s dedication to recreating specific images from the game. “Every little detail counted to him,” she said. “I remember he taught me how to pump the shotgun correctly!”

As Variety reports, the ad only aired in Japan but impressed the folks at Sony and earned Romero an opportunity at the series’ film adaptation. It seems like it would’ve been the perfect piece to play to Romero’s strengths. The script was ready to follow the first game, already full of iconic scenes, and would’ve been stuffed with all the weird creatures and mutants fans battled in the game. A mutant shark, carnivorous plants out of control, and a horde of the undead ready to scare and thrill theatergoers. But after looking at the screenplay, the film was no more. As has been mentioned numerous times in the past and repeated to Variety, Capcom’s Yoshiki Okamoto said, ““Romero’s script wasn’t good, so Romero was fired.”

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