The First Posters For The ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Show Off The Team’s Shiny New Gear

The Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters reboot definitely looks like it’s going to be a new Ghostbusters for a new generation. Of course, we now have an all-female cast, but aside from that, the few glimpses we’ve seen of the new movie cast it in a somewhat different light than the classic Ghostbusters. The original Ghostbusters movies were goofy, grubby and self-effacing, while the new movie seems to be a more typical action-movie take. The first official image from the new Ghostbusters featured four badass poses and a lot of neon green…

…and the movie’s first set of posters are pretty slick by Ghostbusters standards. Eye-catching black-and-white, gritted teeth, and new high-tech proton packs and PKE meters that don’t look like they were assembled from junk from the pawn shop. You can check out all four new posters below.

What do you think of the tone of the new Ghostbusters? Of course, this could just be the work of Columbia’s marketing department; the actual movie Feig is making could be totally different. Personally, I’ll feel better once I get a stronger sense of the movie’s comedic elements. I thought Ghostbusters was pretty cool as a kid, but the reason I still like the movies today is because of how bizarre and funny they are. Hopefully that hasn’t been lost.

(Via Coming Soon)

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