Sorry Haters, Snapchat Is Introducing A Special ‘Ghostbusters’ Lens

Watch out, Snapchat users who might not be too happy about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. The favorite app of teenagers everywhere has introduced a new filter in advance of the movie’s premiere on July 15th, which allows people to use both the front and back cameras on their phones to bust some ghosts. You can either fight ghosts with your friends or reverse the camera to get slimed just like the ladies (and original guys) do in the movies. This is just one step in the all-hands marketing campaign that Sony is putting forth to ensure that this movie is a success, and it might be the best gimmick yet.

Of course, it could get annoying having all of your friends (and that random aunt who insists on joining Snapchat) sending slime snaps to you all day long, but you can also make the case that nothing is more annoying than that flower crown filter. Coachella only happens for two weekends a year for a reason, people. The best part is even if the two filter options get boring after a few days, people can then start face-swapping themselves with characters from the movies (dibs on McKinnon!) and reciting their favorite lines from the trailers. Whomever films the first Snapchat-based Ghostbusters parody wins.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)