Gillian Anderson Wants To Be A Ghostbuster

You probably know her best as Scully from the X-Files, but Gillian Anderson has had a rich and full career. Also, if you’ve ever read her blog, you know that she’s… very different from her characters, something that was in full display on her Reddit AMA, promoting her new book.

Among the tidbits and fun stuff, yes, she hints at a third X-Files movie, or at least an X-Files something. She also wants to be on The X-Files Files, which you should really be listening to. She also admits she’d change something crucial in the first two seasons of the show.

But the Ghostbusters comment really needs to be read cold, so go ahead and do that. We’ll wait. We’ll even play a song while you read.

It’s not quite her busting Will Graham’s balls for not catching Hannibal yet, but we laughed. You can read the whole thing on Reddit.